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Project-Island-SongIn this area of New Zealand, there are groups of really committed volunteers who are working very hard to eradicate pests like possums, rats, stoats, certain types of ants and bees, cats which people throw away in the bush and they become wild etc.


Their aim is also to restore the native bush, bird, animal, and insect life to how it was before all these introduced pests came and ruined things.

Wow! What great initiatives!

heroes of conservation 2

Foremost among these groups is Project Island Song. They do an incredible job.

demostrating how to trap a stoat


Please view their work and donate to their great cause. Click here to access their web site

Click here to watch a short video about their work.

Planting trees 2

Click here to see how rats, possums, and stoats are destroying our precious native birds!

To view a Project Island Song newsletter, click here

RanaAnother hero of the Cape Brett Peninsula is Rana Rewha, one of the guardians of the sea, and fire chief at Rawhiti.

He is full time pest control officer for the Cape Brett Peninsula.

He does an awesome job and it totally committed to what he does.

Please phone /text me now on 0274764430 or email me to donate funds to buy gas powered possums traps at Oke Bay.

To watch a video of how we trap possums and stoats, click here.

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