There are four costs associated with staying at Oke Bay Lodge and walking the Cape Brett track.

  1. Track fees.
  2. Department of Conservation (DOC) hut fees.
  3. Water taxi charges.
  4. Renting Oke Bay Lodge.

Each of these costs is explained below.

When you stay at Oke Bay Lodge, you’ll have it all to yourselves, even if you are a small group.

To find out what it costs to stay at Oke Bay Lodge email Julian at or phone him/ text him on 0274764430.

EXAMPLE: Most people / groups plan a 3 days scenario.  That is to say, they stay at the Lodge on Friday night, walk the track on Saturday, stay at the Cape Brett hut Saturday night,  catch a water tax back to Oke Bay Lodge from Cape Brett on Sunday morning, stay at Oke Bay Lodge on Sunday night, and then return home on Monday.

You can leave your cars and belongings at the Lodge while you are tramping. In effect, you are hiring the Lodge for the whole weekend.

On top of the cost of staying at the Lodge, the following are the other costs:

  • The walking track fee is $30 ($15 for people 15 and under)
  • To stay at the Doc Hutt at Cape Brett is $15 ($7.50 for people 15 and under)
  • The water taxi to take you from Cape Brett back to Oke Bay Lodge on the Sunday is $50 per person with a minimum charge of $250 e.g. if there are only two people wanting the taxi, they would pay $150 each. If 4 people, $62.50 each.  If 5 or more people, $50 each.

All up for one adult for a Friday night-Saturday night-Sunday night scenario (including the water taxi) the cost would be $95, excluding the cost to stay at Oke Bay Lodge.

For a person under 15 the cost would be $72.50 (including the water taxi but not the cost to stay at Oke Bay Lodge).

Don’t want to hike with your packs?

Sometimes trampers don’t want to tramp from Oke Bay to Cape Brett with their packs.  In this case, the trampers set off on Saturday morning for Cape Brett.  They leave their packs on the back deck of the Lodge. These are picked up by the water taxi during the day, and delivered to the Cape about 4pm on Saturday, which is about when the trampers would arrive there if they have been walking all day.   To have your packs delivered in this way would be $50 per pack.

To book the Lodge and water taxi, or if you have questions, phone/text Julian on 0274764430 or email

To book the track and Cape Brett Doc Hut, click here.

If you have further questions about the DOC hut at Cape Brett (e.g. what the facilities are like at the hut and how well it is equipped etc ), phone DOC directly on  09 407 0300


Author: Julian Batchelor

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