Water Taxi

water taxi 1Oke Bay Lodge offers a water taxi service to and from Cape Brett.

We can bring you from Paihia or Russell, take you to the Lodge, you do the walk, and then we can take you back to the Lodge or Russell or Paihia.

We are completely flexible.



As a free bonus, we can take you through the famous Hole in the Rock.

How’s that!? In Paihia, they charge $175 to do that. You get it for free!

Hole in the rock


The costs are as follows.  Oke Bay to Cape Brett, is $50 per person, with a minimum $250.  If 5 people were travelling, the cost would be $50 each. If 10, it would still be $50 each. If two people, it would be $125 each.  Oke Bay to Deep Water Cove is only $40 per person, but the minimum charge remains the same. We have the best boat in the Bay of Islands for this service.  It can take 24 people at a time and is fast, covered in, comfortable, and safe.  For more details, and availability, email okebaylodge@gmail.com

We can pick you up from Russell, Paihia, or anywhere in the Bay. You don’t have to start at Oke Bay.

Author: Julian Batchelor

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